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Glenvista Hill Pre-Primary School

Play is an integral part of all learning areas and providing an environment that is conducive to creating opportunities for exploration and growth. Great care and attention is given to the maintenance and development of facilities. Play equipment is specially selected to ensure maximum development and participation of our pupils.
The staff strive to create a nurturing environment in which the children can be equipped with all the necessary skills required for school readiness. Emphasys is placed on building a healthy self-esteem by surrounding them with love, affection and acceptance.
We write the nationally accredited examinations of the Independent Examination Board (IEB) which is an internationally recognised body. The IEB offers a national curriculum which allows our excellent teachers more scope to extend, and better prepare our pupils.

Glenvista Hill Preparatory School

In keeping with the National Curriculum Policy, the Trinityhouse Preparatory Curriculum is divided into three phases of learning:
In the Foundation Phases (Grades 1- 3), the academic emphasis falls on the acquisition of skills which are essential to learning: Literacy, Numeracy and Life Orientation.
Language development is of cardinal importance, an all pupils are exposed to English, Afrikaans and isiZulu from Grade 1. Mathematics is pivotal in today’s world and is strongly emphasized.
The development of Language and Mathematical skills continues in the Intermediate Phase (Grades 4 to 6). During this phases pupils are also exposed to a broader range of subjects, namely: Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Life Orientation.
In the Senior Phase (Grade 7) Economic and Management Sciences and Science Technology are added to this comprehensive list of subjects.
In keeping with current South African trends, Trinityhouse teaching combines the best elements of modern teaching with more traditional methodologies.

Glenvista Hill High School

Trinityhouse writes the accredited examinations of the Independent Examination Board (IEB). The IEB offers a national curriculum which allows teachers more scope to extend, and better prepare pupils.
A wide range of subjects are offered including English, Afrikaans, isiZulu, Mathematics/Mathematical Literacy, Life Sciences, Geography, History, Accounting, Business Studies, CAT, Information Technology, Visual Arts and Life Orientation.
Trinityhouse averages are, without exception, above IEB and National averages and pupils are well equipped to cope with the demands of tertiary education.
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Girls Open Neck Shirt
Boys Primart Short Sleeve Shirt with Badge
Trinity Windbreaker
Trinity High Mens Navy Longs no Elastic
Tinity High Boys Short Sleeve Shirt Button Up
Boys Primary Navy short
Girls Primary Tunic
Trinity Girls Waistcoat
Trinity High Girls Skirt
Trinity Primary Boys Navy Longs With Elastic
Trinity V Neck Jersey
Trinity Blazer
Trinity Sleevless V Neck Pullover
White V Neck Jerseys
Trinity High Girls Navy Slax
Trinity Primary Girls Navy Longs
Light Navy Blazer
Navy Bobby Socks
Navy Ankle Socks
Primary School Tie (NormaL)
Primary Elastic Tie
Matric Tie
Girls Navy Pantihose
Girls Ladderless Pantihouse
Trinity School Bags with Logo
School Tog Bags with Logo
School Pencil Cases
Stickmaster Fabric
Stickmaster Pockets
Prefect Pockets
Honore Et Labore Blazer Pockets


Gilrls Hockey Shirt
Boys Hockey Shirt
Rugby Jersey
Rugby Socks
Girls Hockey Socks
Trinity Cricket Socks
Softball Slax
Netball Tunics
Netball Socks
Gilrls Primary Swimsuits
Girls High Swimsuits
Boys Primary Swimsuits
Boys High Swimsuits
Girls High Netball Skirts
Boys Primary Athletic Vest
Trinity Cap
Trinity Sun Visor
Trinity Navy Rugby Shorts
Girls Primary Athletic Vest
Girls High Athletic Vest
Trinity Full Tracksuits
Trinity Drama Tshirts
Boys High Athletic Vest
Coverdale House Shirts
Tyndale House Shirts
Wycliff House Shirts
Board Shorts
Gym Shorts
Trinity Golf Shirts
Girls Tennis Shirt
Boys Tennis Shirt
Boys Tennis Shorts

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